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Building a de Lisle Electric Guitar

Monday, 29 June 2009 13:22

Construction takes place in four areas: the woodworking bench with associated machinery, the metalworking room for custom parts, the spray booth, and finally the assembly bench in the testing room. Click on the image below to view the slide-show. Comments will appear below each picture. (Move your cursor to the right-hand side of the image to reveal the "next" button.) We'll be adding more photos as time permits, and you can also checkout a build thread.

We can build a de Lisle guitar for you, too! Prices start at just $999.00.


click to view the slideshow

Amp Construction

Our amplifiers are built by hand as well. We build and cover the cabinets, make the baffles, punch the chassis, set turrets, etc. right here in our shop. Once a new amplifier is designed, it starts off in the prototype phase (pictured below). After testing and tweaking, the design is finalized and made available for purchase. The slide show below will show some of the steps involved.

click to view the slideshow

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