de Lisle Travis County Reverb Amplifier

de Lisle Travis County Reverb Amplifier

de Lisle Travis County Reverb Amplifier
de Lisle Travis County Reverb Amplifier

de Lisle Travis County Reverb Amplifier


16W from a pair of 6973s with lush reverb and a lightweight cab. See tabs below for full details and specifications. Recommended speaker: Lil' Texas.
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• 16 Watts

• Single Input

• Bass

• Treble

• Vol 1

• Vol 2

• Reverb

• Power / Standby Switch

• 12AT7 Tube (1)

• 12AX7 Tube (1)

• 12DW7 Tube (1)

• 6973 Tube (2)

• Cathode Bias

• Negative Feedback

• Eminence or Celestion Speaker

• American Made Transformers

• Hand-Wired, Turret Board Construction

• Star Grounding

• Shielded Input/Grid Wiring

• DC Elevated Heater Supply

• Silver Plated Copper / TFE Teflon Wire

• Aluminum Chassis

• Dimensions: 20W x 18.75H x 9.5D

• Solid Pine Cabinet with Dovetail Joinery

• Choice of Tolex

• Choice of Grillcloth

• Made in the USA

Note: specifications subject to change based on selected options.

It's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and right at home anywhere in between. The Travis County Reverb pumps out 16 watts of boot stomping fun from a pair of 6973s and an Eminence Lil' Texas speaker. Standard features include our tube-driven spring reverb, a red sparkle wrap and white cane grill. The Travis County Reverb was designed in collaboration with Mandy Marie Luke, a fabulous Tele picker and songwriter living in Austin, TX. She wanted something lighter than her Vibroverb, with reverb and simple controls. And since the amp would be mic'ed in live situations, it didn't need to be quite as powerful as her current workhorse. With those goals in mind, we set out to design a new amplifier... Since all of our combos are constructed of pine, meeting the weight requirement wasn't an issue. The Travis County Reverb is very manageable weighing just over 30 lbs. It's still built to last: panels are secured with half-blind dovetail joints to withstand the rigors of the road. In the bottom of the combo, we installed a spring reverb tank for that classic tube-driven effect. Our original reverb circuit was tweaked to suit this amp's tube lineup. The top-mounted control panel is home to a pair of volume controls, reverb level, bass and treble. The latter two make up our simplified (yet extremely flexible) tonestack. The 9 pin 6973s deliver 16 watts and offer the unique tonal characteristics of beam power tube construction. In this application, their ability to take larger input signals gives the 6973s an advantage over the more widely known EL84s. The cabinet houses a birch baffle and a single 12" Eminence speaker that projects the Travis County Reverb's full and detailed voice. We chose Eminence speakers not only for their great sound but also for their sensitivity, which allows more of the amp's power to be converted into sound energy. Wrap it all in a red, white and blue color scheme and we have one great sounding amp ready to take on the Travis County live music scene.